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Being a New Yorker, I always subscribed to the narrow-visioned wisdom that bagels were invariably bad outside the Big Apple. I sampled many a poofy, tasteless starchpillow from Ohio to New Mexico.  I was never proven wrong until now, in the Big Taco, where a paisano has recently opened a bagel delivery business. The product tastes, looks, smells and chews like the real thing, and in fact it IS the real thing. Peter Aronson, a transplanted East Coaster, does bagels the old-fashioned way, that is, boiled then baked. These days even in N.Y. these little rolls that probably originated in Poland tend to be oversized, but here they are as I and nostalgic denizens of H&H remember them– about 5″ in diameter, which is eater-friendly. I, being a traditionalist, go for the plain, though I also like poppy seed. Beygleria has no “there, there”, that is, they must be ordered and will be delivered free within the very central metropolitan area (i.e. Roma, Condesa, Polanco etc. minimum of 12) or for a small fee elsewhere. Also available are prepared cream cheeses. Bring your own lox.

See:  FB page (,  phone/Whatsapp number (55-2825-7790) or email

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Nicholas Gilman is a food writer based in Mexico City; he's author of Good Food in Mexico CIty: Food Stalls, Fondas, Fine Dining.